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Pricing Canvas™

The Pricing Canvas™

Begin your pricing innovation today

The Pricing Canvas™ consists of ten sections each representing a structural component of your business, product, and market. Each section will help you to design your pricing and monetization strategy using the principles of value-based pricing. The questions on the Pricing Canvas™ will provide you with a pricing process based on the outcomes, benefits, and economic impact of your offering.

Pricing Canvas™ is the best exercise to begin your pricing innovation. Get your team together and set aside at least 12-16 weeks.

Monetize client base better

Acquire new business

Innovate your product and offer structures,  seek new growth opportunities with partners and ecosystem

Optimize your value metric, align offer and pricing structures with the Value Stacks™ of different customer types

Increase profitability

Grow market share

Innovate your competitive value profile, grow the offerings that have the most competitively advantageous cost structures

Align your pricing and cost structures, establish a margin contribution plan for each revenue stream

Request a Pricing Canvas™ Workshop

Feel free to reach out if you would like us to facilitate your cross-functional Pricing Canvas Workshop™ for you. We will work with your product, marketing, sales, finance, sales ops, and biz ops teams, and get you ready to test your new pricing design in just 4-6 weeks.

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